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    BattlePVP Map 1 is Ending Early
    It's been a fun month guys! I hope you all enjoyed this map as much as we did. This map was definitely more of a beta for sure. There was no way we could've had a quarter of this stuff known before release with 2-3 people working on it (#changelog...) it came down to having active players finding stuff and us experimenting with the economy/polishing as we go. Unfortunately multiple economy adjustments throughout the map, spawn rates being changed often, growth rates being changed often, mob drops being introduced and adjusted... the longevity of the map was damaged sooner than we expected. We originally aimed for Map 1 to last for 3 months, but it's coming to an end 1 month and 11 days after launch.

    Map 1 is ending July 5th @ 1:00 PM EST. As for F-Top, this month will go out with a bang. Cannon sand stack limit will be increased starting June 29th @ 3:30 AM EST. 255 stackers will be allowed.

    Faction Top rewards will not be the full monthly amount (but still good!), and will be all BuyCraft Vouchers. We really want to pump ads out heavily for the start of Map 2 and hope you understand, as competition is also very slim this month....
    Map 2 is in Development

    I can't give an ETA yet as much as i'd love to. I'm making good progress on it though. Will be taking my time working on this map. At launch everything needs to be completely smooth and set so we can focus on large scale promotion instead of bug fixes and optimization. This map is being developed with 100+ active players in mind. Constant updates will be posted in the Discord / Website with news leading up to it, and the server will be whitelisted once Map 1 ends until Map 2 is complete. Maybe we'll throw a temporary KitPVP on there for the time being.

    This map will be a solid mixture of OG / Newer. I'm implementing tons of QoL features and enjoyable new content, but the core premise of BattlePVP will remain.

    /reclaim will be available for purchased store rewards to be reclaimed such as: In-game money that came with ranks, mcMMO Levels, etc.

    There are some sneak peaks below, and more will be posted as time goes on, but nothing is 100% confirmed currently. A Map 2 thread with the full release notes / release date will be posted nearer to launch day.
    Perfect economy/spawner rates/growth rates/mob drops off day one.

    All will be heavily tested and adjusted prior to launch, and none will ever change mid-map. They're being balanced for a 3 month map.

    Beautiful Overworld/Nether Custom Terrain Generation
    These biomes have that classic Minecraft feel, but are far more engaging and fun to play on. The map is also tweaked with flat bedrock and has way fewer lakes/oceans. Nether is also enhanced and flatter than normal.

    GUI Shop

    This map will feature a fully GUI /shop. We attempted to go with the OG Sign Shop, but it just didn't play out well. We want raiding/pvp to be happening, not punching signs for hours on end. One thing from OG that definitely needs to change. Not to mention the amount of lag the signs/item frames underneath spawn causes..

    Faction Upgrades

    These are upgrades that are available in your Faction Territory. Opens up a GUI and you can purchase Faction Upgrades for in-game money. Increase Spawner rate, and much more.

    [Other Map 2 Updates in Progress]
    > mcMMO Rework <
    > Voting Rework <
    > KOTH Rework <
    > Crates Rework <
    > Mob Arena Rework <
    > Chunkbusters <
    > Physical WorldBorder <
    > Top 3 Voters every month get BuyCraft rewards <
    > Sugarcane Top with rewards <
    > Upgradable Harvester Hoes with Token System <
    > Orbits (2 x Cactus / 2 x Sugarcane Days / etc) <
    > Sand Bots for automatic sand wall building/cannon sand replacing <
    > Trench Pickaxes (3x3 Picks) <
    > Sell Wands/Collectors <
    > Throwable Creeper Eggs <
    > Fully Automatic AirDrop system that will run every 2* hours to encourage PVP <
    and so much more is planned.. this is just the beginning. I'll keep you guys updated.

    Please share any and all suggestions you guys have for Map 2 via the suggestions forum on here, and #suggestions on Discord! Thank you for playing on BattlePVP, we are excited for the future!
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    bans reset
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    Can't wait. Reset bans/ip bans? Clean wipe. new map new me
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    Not gonna lie this shit looks nice tho.

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