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    BattlePVP Server Rules
    These are the server rules and are subject to change at any time.

    Be kind and play fair.
    Make sure to report players if you see them breaking any sort of rules stated below.

    Conditions for moving to the next level of a punishment are such: warnings apply for twenty-four hours, mutes apply for twenty-four hours, bans are permanent.

    Please also read our Faction Rules here.
    1. Exploiting / Abusing a Glitch

    → 7 Day Ban → Permanent Ban

    Exploiting a glitch, bug or unfair method of gaining an advantage over other players is not allowed, the only exception to this is using hitboxes to bow players through walls. You cannot block glitch or pearl glitch, you cannot tp glitch. An admin+ may escalate the punishment depending on the severity.

    2. Unfair Advantage / Hacked Clients
    30 Day Ban → Permanent Ban
    Using modules on a hacked client, macros, autoclickers, scripts or any mod that may not be listed below. If you have queries regarding if a mod is allowed pm a staff member. You may not be involved with a player who is hacking, such as supporting them hacking by providing materials for them to hack for your own advantage.

    If you yourself are not doing the action, then it is not allowed. You are allowed to butterfly click, but none of the following are allowed: Auto clicking, triple clicking, putting something heavy on your mouse, or taping your mouse to use as an autoclicker. Autofill inventory mods are not allowed.

    3. Lag Machines
    → 30 Day Ban → Permanent Ban
    Creating a lag machine or helping create one will result in a ban.

    4. Chargebacks
    → Blacklist
    If you chargeback you will be blacklisted permanently with no option to buy an unban. If another player buys an item on your behalf without your knowledge message an admin and we will resolve this however you must do this within 2 days of the purchase, if you have used the item and it is charge backed on, you must pay the full price before being unbanned.

    5. Ban Evading
    → 15 Day Ban Permanent Ban
    Logging onto the server whilst banned on another account. If the original ban was greater than 15 days, the ban for evasion will be permanent on both accounts.

    6. Advertising
    → Permanent Ban
    Writing full IPs to servers such as will not be tolerated at all.

    7. DDOS / Dox / Swat / Death Threats
    → Permanent Ban
    We have a zero tolerance policy on this, if you are seen in public chat or DMs threatening or leaking other players IRL information that they DO NOT want public as per their request you will be blacklisted from the server. This also applies for DDOS and Swat threats, if you are seen making these in chat you will be banned, this also includes getting someone to do this for you. You cannot ddos, dox or swat. Do not threaten people with their lives either.

    8. IRL Trading / Scamming
    → 15 Day Ban Permanent Ban
    You may not use the server as a platform to advertise a sale for yourself for an unrelated server item, such as selling csgo skins, minecraft accounts etc. Selling items in-game for BuyCraft is allowed however, we will not take responsibility for if you are scammed or your item is lost.

    9. Mute Evading
    → 1 Hour Ban → 1 Day Ban → 7 Day Ban
    Evading your mute in public chat with another account, or somehow bypassing the mute to talk in any publicly seen chat. While muted you may talk in private chats; however, if you continue to misbehave you will be banned for mute evasion.

    10. Impersonating Redeemable Items
    → 12 Hour Ban → 1 Day Ban → 3 Day Ban
    Faking an item or proof of having an item such as rank coupons etc by renaming them is not allowed and will be punishable.

    11. Tampering with Evidence
    → 7 Day Ban
    Editing, deleting or faking evidence in any way will be punished.

    12. Deleting Evidence

    → 7 Day Ban

    If you remove or tamper with evidence it will act as an additional offense to what you previously did.

    13. Inappropriate links
    → Permanent Ban

    If you are seen spreading inappropriate links through public chat you will receive a ban. Includes links such as IP grabbers and Adult Entertainment or graphic links.

    14. Disrespect / Discrimination / Harassment / Inappropriate Behavior / Racism
    → 1 Hour Mute → 6 Hour Mute → 1 Day Mute

    We expect you to treat people on the server with respect. Any harassment or constant targeting of any particular person is not allowed and will be dealt with accordingly. Includes using our server as a platform to spread hate speech or send messages targeted to a certain group or race. Also includes encouraging people to harm themselves in any way, or being unnecessarily inappropriate in chat.

    15. General Spam
    → Warning → 15 Minute Mute → 30 Minute Mute → 1 Hour Mute → 1 Day Mute
    Flooding chat unnecessarily will result in a warning/mute, this is counted as 4 or more lines of text in rapid succession or character spam. Includes having the majority of a sentence or large words in capital letters.

    16. Light Server Advertisement
    → 30 Minute Mute → 1 Hour Mute → 1 Day Mute
    Saying the name of other servers is fine; however, do not encourage other people to join those servers.

    17. Unrelated Links & Social Media Advertisement
    → 1 Hour Mute → 1 Day Mute → 7 Day Mute
    If you are seen pasting unrelated links into chat, you will receive a mute. Includes any unrelated links that are not malicious. You may not advertise your social media in any public chat on the server; however it is allowed in private chats.

    18. Staff Impersonation
    → 12 Hour Mute → 1 Day Mute
    You may not impersonate server staff members in any way.

    19. Command Spam
    → 1 Hour Ban → 6 Hour Ban → 1 Day Ban
    Spamming another player with any command. Examples of this are /tpa, /tpahere, /pay.

    20. Encouraging Rule Breaking
    → 1 Hour Ban → 1 Day Ban → 7 Day Ban
    Seriously encouraging other players to break rules of any type.

    21. Gen Bucket Trapping
    → 3 Day Ban → 7 Day Ban
    Using a gen bucket to trap players while pvping or doing anything else will not be tolerated.

    22. Freezing a Minecraft Client
    → 3 Day Ban
    This is when you try to intentionally freeze or halt minecraft client to gain advantage in-game in any form.

    23. Auto Farms
    → 3 Day Ban / Removal of Farm
    This is any farm that uses redstone to automate farming of any crop or item.

    24. Cobble Monstering
    → 3 Day Ban
    You may not make or use a cobble monster.

    25. Schematica Printer
    → Warning / Removal of Printed Building → 5 Day Ban
    Schematica is allowed, the printer function is NOT. If you use printer to build anything, you will be punished severely.


    26. Logging out while Frozen
    → 30 Day Ban

    Logging out while frozen by a staff member is an immediate ban.

    27. Admitting in the Freeze GUI
    → 25 Day Ban
    Admitting to cheating by clicking "Admit" in the Freeze GUI.

    28. Refusing to Screenshare
    → 30 Day Ban
    Refusing to screenshare a staff member while frozen will result in a ban.

    (a) Players caught repeatedly breaking rules will be permanently banned from the server. Players caught repeatedly attempting to break rules by pushing limits will be punished according to the rule(s) that they are trying to push/break.
    (b) No staff rank (helper, mod, admin) are exempt from any rule set forth by BattlePVP. If you feel that a staff member has violated a rule, please message an owner to report the incident.
    (c) We reserve the right to adjust punishment types and lengths for any punishment listed on this page and for any other rule set forth by BattlePVP. We also reserves the right to grant punishments for rules that are not explicitly stated.
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