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    Actively Updated Changelog
    Faction Top Adjustments

    - Silverfish Spawners added to Faction Top, with a value of $2,000,000.
    - Hoppers added to Faction Top, with a value of $12,500 each.

    - Cactus not growing has been fixed.
    - KOTH is now FULLY AUTO every day @ 12 PM EST, and 6 PM EST. It'll always start now.
    - Silverfish Spawner added to /shop for $2,000,000.
    - Silverfish mobs now drop 2 diamonds each.
    - Diamond sell price has been increased.
    - Spawners can be purchased from /shop again.
    - Bar odds lowered to 25%. Chance to instantly double your money (top tier is $1,250,000...)? Needed to be nerfed.
    - Bar broadcasts disabled other than $250,000+ amounts.
    - Mob Drop rates have been slightly nerfed for: Blaze (3->2), Iron Golem (5->3), Creeper (5->3, TNT 50%->25% chance), Cow (5->3).
    - Mob Stacker back to the old one but heavily improved. We’ll implement the good one next map with collectors. It's very reliant on them to function well.
    - Cactus growth speed has been increased.
    - Sugarcane growth speed has been increased.

    - Fixed Mob Drops not working for certain players (chunks)
    - Fixed Spawners from the shop being pigs upon purchasing.
    - Mob Drops are absurd currently, but will be left until tomorrow (slight nerf, we'll leave em good!)
    - Stacking is now added! (check changelog above)
    - Mob Spawner rates buffed.
    - Mob Drop rates have been buffed for: Blaze, Iron Golem, Creeper, Spider, Cave Spider, Cows
    - Fixed Skull Splitter / Serrated Strikes not working.
    Stacking Updates
    We've come to find out all public stacker plugins (even paid) are not very good. We've been through a bunch now (Wildstacker, UltimateStacker, etc..) and they all have certain problems.

    We have now upgraded to the Stacking plugin all top servers use, made by Joseph. Cost $70 -- but for such a core feature, it was well worth it.

    Perfect optimization using MassiveCore integration, instantanous stacking, Stacked Mobs auto-clear, 1 stack per mob maximum while it waits to spawn more, the list goes on and on.

    Tonight will be the first time we implement it, everything is configurable so please let me know if there are any problems / changes you guys want. This will be a work in progress, we'll see how the drops are, and what mobs need to be made unstackable (currently only Slimes/Cows).

    mcMMO Updates
    - Serrated Strikes / Skull Splitter has been re-added, just nerfed.

    - All mcMMO skills are now uncapped.

    - Acrobatics mcMMO skill max level (for perks) is now 1500 with the following changes:
    >Dodge chance 30->35.
    >Roll chance 75->80.
    >Graceful Roll chance 75->80.

    - Mining mcMMO skill max level (for perks) is now 1500 with the following changes:
    >Double Drops chance 30->35.

    - Fishing mcMMO skill max level (for perks) is now 2000 with the following changes:
    >Level 1000 tier rewards are now 1 x Creeper Spawner, and 1 x Uncommon Key.
    >Level 1500 tier rewards are now 1 x Pigman Spawner, and 1 x Rare Key.
    >Level 2000 tier rewards are now 1 x Iron Golem Spawner, and 1 x Legendary Key.
    >New Fishing Rewards will be added later tonight (still working on odds), but you can start leveling there now!
    >/inspect (player) now works at any distance.

    - Mob Spawner spawn rates have been buffed.
    - Anti Exploit re-added. Issues fixed.
    - drunkdora detection™️ has been implemented. (Custom AntiVPN/Proxy) (PM me for a whitelist if you use a VPS alt or something)
    - Scoreboard PVP placeholders fixed.
    - KOTH Scoreboard now holds priority over the PVP board.
    - New CombatTag plugin has been added.

    Stacking plugin is being worked on currently and will be updated very soon (today).
    [06/21/2020] Part 2
    - Fixed not having permission for the Bar.
    - Mob Stacking no longer kills the whole stack by manually killing it.
    - Mob Drops are back to how they were.
    - Stacking should be massively improved. We upgraded our stacking plugin, let me know how it performs, more adjustments are still being made.
    - Lag is fixed, it was caused by our stacking plugin.
    - Mob Spawner rates buffed. These faster rates will last until next map.
    - Lottery adjusted to run every 3 hours, with $50,000 added to the pot by default.
    - Bar plugin upgraded. Our new one is made by the extremely talented @True aka Whiteghost99. Broadcasts in chat when you win, drinks now go up to $2,500,000 as the max prize, no armor glitches, 40% odds vs 35% previously, all around a massive improvement!
    - AOE mcMMO Skull Splitter & Serrated Strikes has been disabled.
    - KOTH Scoreboard now holds priority over the PVP board.
    - KOTH now automatically runs at 12:00 PM EST, and 6:00 PM EST. 5 minutes to cap. Today will be a normal 3:00 PM and this will take into place tomorrow.
    - CombatTag on the Scoreboard is now working.
    - Ping/TPS/VoteParty now fully functioning on the default Scoreboard.
    - /frewards now is working (lists fishing rewards / tiers)

    Known bugs: Custom mob drops like TNT aren't added yet, i'm working on it now
    - Mob Spawner mcMMO XP event is now active until Monday!
    - Big updates/changes coming later.
    - Stacking now always stacks mobs to the lowest Y.
    - Stacking now happens much faster.
    - KOTH now automatically starts every single day @ 3:00 PM EST, and rotates each KOTH daily.
    - Default scoreboard now has KOTH countdown, VoteParty amount, TPS, and more.
    - A PVP Scoreboard now activates instantly when you get into combat, and it only lists CombatTag timer, Enderpearl cooldown, and God Apple cooldown. PVP scoreboard lasts 2 minutes after you get hit, then goes back to default automatically.
    - Mob Arena scoreboard added. Activates when you join the Mob Arena and goes back to default when you leave.
    - CombatTag duration upped to 30 seconds.
    - /disposal & [Disposal] signs added for Supporter+
    - You can now use a potato and right click Obsidian Destroyer blocks to check the durability.
    - Chunk loading massively improved. Originally 6 threads, now 12.
    - Fixed bug where players would get tp'd back occasionally during PVP.
    - Cactus & Sugarcane growth speed slightly increased.
    - Anti Exploit improved.
    - Backwards compatibility perfected.
    - Fixed opening books kicking players from the server.
    - Zombie Pigmen God Apple / Ingot drop rate slightly nerfed.
    - Zombie Pigmen no longer drop rotten flesh.
    - Iron Golem ingot drop rate slightly increased.
    - Spawner pigs/cows/wolves/chickens no longer stack.
    - Spawner pigs/cows/wolves/chickens mobs are no longer nerfed.
    - Blaze rod drop rate slightly increased.
    - Blaze mobs also un-nerfed to allow water damage from grinders.
    - Slimes now stack all sizes into one.
    - Slime mobs now correctly give XP.
    - Baby Pigmen Jockeys now stack with normal Zombie Pigmen.
    - AntiCheat improvements.(edited)
    [3:28 PM]
    - KOTH no longer cares if Faction Members/allies stand on the point. It's whoever was there first.
    - Added /frewards which shows you what each tier is able to get for Fishing.
    - Fixed crate opening tick sound not playing during the animation.
    - Stack amount + Mob nametag colors changed.
    - Voter & KOTH crate visuals adjusted.
    - Rare crate is now added.
    Coming Later Today
    Mob Arena Rework
    Voting Rework
    - /condense added for Elite+
    More coming later!
    - Legendary Crate added! Announcement (with Rare), coming later today.
    - Spartan Tab Color is now light red/bold.
    - Pillars at spawn for the Top 3 Faction Top Factions added! Displays Rank, Worth, and Leader.
    - Massively improved Anti-Crash & Anti-Exploit.
    - Anti-Phase recoded and improved.
    - Fixed teleporting kicking players.
    - Uncommon Crate is added! Announcement coming soon with Rare/Legendary.
    - Buy/Sell signs can now be used 6 times per second vs 4 previously.
    - Kit Miner was buffed, now a 5 day cooldown with Efficiency 8, Fortune 5, and Unbreaking 6!
    - Kit Potion was buffed, now a 12 hour cooldown, previously 24.
    - [Mystical] Rank adjusted. New name [Spartan], a throwback to OG BattlePVP's top rank, with the same colors! Fits the server better than Mystical IMO. Open to input.
    - Zombie Pigmen God Apple drop rate reduced.
    - Stacking improved in multiple ways. Now requires 10 entities in the same area to get stacked.
    - Cows correctly drop cooked beef now.
    - Iron Golems no longer drop Poppies.
    - Mob Stacking heavily improved and optimized. Full stacks of mobs die now from a number of causes, and only Mob Spawner mobs stack.
    - Creeper TNT Drop Rate adjusted
    - Updated our backwards compatibility.
    - Better crash & exploit prevention.
    - Better Phase prevention.
    - Bucket Dupe Fix.
    - Fixed Mob Spawners giving mcMMO XP.

    Was extremely busy for the past few days, stuff has finally calmed down. Big updates and ad campaigns are being prepared!
    - Fishing rehaul has arrived! Chance to reel in cash, spawners, and more, based off your mcMMO Fishing Level. #announcements
    - AntiCheat detections heavily improved.
    - AutoFish prevention heavily improved.
    - Mob Stacking adjusted and heavily improved.
    - Mob Drops are added!
    Creeper - 5.0% chance of dropping 1 x TNT.
    Zombie Pigman: 0.5% chance of dropping 1 x God Apple, and drops 1 x Gold Ingot 100% of the time.
    Villager: 100% chance of dropping 2 x Emerald.
    - CoinFlip disappearing money bug is fixed and coinflip is enabled.
    - mcMMO Serrated Strikes & Skull Splitter nerfed.
    - Zombie Pigmen now actually give mcMMO XP (Natural Spawn).
    - Lava Flow & Water Flow both set to 5. Good balance for speed and optimization.

    Coming Later Today
    - Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary Crates.

    - Mob Arena Rework
    Specific kits for each mcMMO Skill, better tiered waves & bosses, adjusted rewards, and a new floating arena!

    KoTH Crate Rewards + Voter Crate + Odds adjusted.
    Mob Spawners tweaked.
    Teleport timer is now 5 seconds. We'll see how it goes.
    Zombie Pigmen now give mcMMO. -- Didn't work. Looking into this.
    Other fixes and preparations for our big update (Crates, Mob Arena, Fishing Rewards, and more!)
    Custom Prefix added to the store.
    Mob Stacking improved even more.
    Added faction chat commands to the CombatTag/Mob Arena allowed commands list.
    Voter Crate Tweaked: Now includes 64 Obsidian, and a chance at winning the Supporter Rank.
    - Item to chat is added for Supporter+! Use [item] or {item} to broadcast your item in the chat. 2 minute cooldown.
    - Multitude of dupe patches. Beds are now craftable, books now can't be written in.
    - Enabled mcMMO Acrobatic Grinders.
    - Auto Fishing prevention added.
    - Mob Stacking heavily improved. A work in progress.
    - Nether Border now glitchproof.
    These are important fixes -- currently working on lots of updates.
    - Added CoinFlip - check #announcements
    - Water flow back to 1 and genning is fully fixed. Was hard to find the source of. Lava/Water are 1:1 now.
    - Cactus growth speed nerfed.
    - Mob Spawner particles removed, helps a lot with player performance.
    - /fps - added for Supporter+. Toggle Sand/TNT/Redstone visibility for performance.
    - TNT Explosion/Knockback damage removed.
    - Max Mob Stack is now 64, and 10 mobs can spawn total (so 10 stacks of 64).
    Spawner mobs are now stackable.
    Spawner mobs don't attack players (mob AI removed).
    AirDrops now automatically drop @ 8 PM EST around Warzone, and give 10 minutes notice in chat.
    Supporter+ ranks have color in the Tab List relating to their rank.
    MAJOR configuration changes/optimizations.
    Nether Portals work consistently again.
    All chunks are slime chunks. Slime spawner mobs give mcMMO XP.
    East West cannoning fixed.
    Villager Spawner added in KoTH Crate. Other crates coming soon.
    Crate roll is shorter.
    Mob Arena now working.
    Water flow speed was 1, and water-over-lava speed was 5, so it was messing up gens. Fixed and kept @ 1.
    Render distance increased across the board. Players, entities, etc.
    Hunger rate cut in half.
    World Border back to normal one, updated and glitchproof.
    Items now take 10 minutes (previously 5) to despawn if ClearLagg doesn't remove them (rarities), and you're not in the chunk.
    Animals now spawn naturally.
    Chunks load much faster and smoother now.
    Sponge breaks in 1 punch.
    TNT Doesn't destroy ground entities anymore.
    Mob Spawner rate improved.
    Strength II back to normal value.
    Potions/Food can be used in Warzone.
    Water doesn't destroy redstone anymore.
    Roof cannons automatically disabled.
    Left shooters automatically disabled.
    Autos automatically disabled.
    Initial /spawn is invisible players, until you walk out of the water.
    50x other small fixes.

    Upcoming fixes:
    Natural Monster spawns throughout the world, just not in Faction Territory.
    KoTH timer not resetting when you get knocked off it, will just increase every second you're off.

    Upcoming updates:
    Server Raid/PVP Events
    New Mob Arenas / tiered rewards / bosses / better incremental waves / kits for each relative mcMMO skill.
    [SOON] Voting adjustments -- a big voting rehaul is coming. VoteParty is being updated and adjusted, Votes will register every single time (5 votes per crate will actually work consistently), new features like a voting leaderboard, it'll be a massive improvement.

    Under consideration:
    TNT Explosion player knockback/damage removed.
    [06/09/2020] Massive Update
    - 1.8 Conversion with new insane new .JAR [1.7->1.15.2 compatibility]
    - Crate Updates - Updated animations, animation cancelling.. the list goes on.
    - Physical WorldBorder - A blue physical barrier now goes around the map. It's glitch-proof and is a big improvement over what we had previously.
    - /craftgapple - Our God Apple crafting plugin was exploitable so we adapted. -This functions just like /crafttnt, it takes 32 Gold Blocks / 1 Apple from your inventory to craft a God Apple.
    - mcMMO Alchemy fixed.
    - Enchanting/Anvils working on all versions.
    - Instant Scoreboard vs loading in.
    - Crate rewards fixed (Regular Golden Apple vs God Apple).
    - Voter Crate now gets given every 5 votes.
    - Liquid no longer flows into Warzone.
    - Auction "has bid on the" fixed.
    - You no longer need to type /pay twice to confirm it.
    - Mob Arena now allows /r, /msg, and Faction Chat commands.
    - Water now flows the same speed as Lava (1).
    Banner is currently being created for ads/promotion.
    Bug fixed where Flowing Lava didn't explode in one shot.
    /crafttnt now available to Supporter+.
    Added a "News" section when you log in.
    Voter Crate now should always be given every 5 Votes.
    Fixed some Essentials colors.
    VoteParty now gives 2 Voter Crate Keys vs just one.
    Announcement added saying our Lava Flow is 1 vs the default 30.
    Mob Arena boss health adjusted from High -> Medium. More bosses have been added, and tiered rewards go up to Wave 50 now.
    Silverfish removed from Mob Arena. Way too hidden in the gravel.
    Added /f stuck -- if you're stuck in Enemy land, 14 second teleport time.
    Lottery now starts with $25,000 default in the jackpot.
    Spawners no longer get clearlagg'd.
    Mob Arena added, /ma j arena - #announcements
    Auction House added, /ah | /ah sell (price) (amount) - #announcements
    Backend updates.
    Faction Warp limit upped to 7.
    God Apples are now craftable with 4 rows of Gold Blocks (32 total) + 1 Apple.
    Fixed Enderpearl exploit.
    Fixed a multitude of teleport exploits.
    Fixed World Border exploits.
    Lot of backend updates.
    Added Calculator. Ex: =2+2 in chat will return 4. @drunkdora's suggestion.
    You can use "+" for addition.
    You can use "-" for subtraction.
    You can use "*" and "x" for multiplication.
    You can use "/" and ":" for division.
    - Major promotion/advertisement preparation.
    - Mob Arena update preparation.
    - AirDrop update preparation.
    - Fixed some Essentials coloring.
    - Added /f announce - make Announcements for your Faction to see.
    - Added /r, /reply, /msg, /m to the Combat Tag allowed command list.
    - Sand Stacking limit raised to 60.
    - Announcements formatted better.
    - Cane/Cactus growth speed nerfed barely.
    - Added VoteParty - check #announcements
    - Buffed Voter Crate / KoTH crate - check #announcements
    - Voter Crate Key is now given every 5 votes.
    - Added /topvotes - voting leaderboard.
    - Hunger drain cut in half.
    - Mob Spawner rate increased.
    - Water now works in the Nether.
    - Fixed some Essentials colors.
    - Faction Recruit added, /f demote.
    - TNTFill radius upped to 25, from 5.
    - Fixed /f promote and /f demote -- recruit is now the lowest member rank. Upon someone joining your Faction, they're member.
    - Slightly slower farming growth speed.
    [5/30/2020] Part 2
    Mob Spawner rates slightly increased.
    OG Tag added.
    Essentials /back now ties into /f warps etc.
    KoTH Kit adjusted - much better
    - Preparation for big updates (mob arena, etc) & advertising.
    - Lava now explodes in 1 TNT shot.
    - EssentialsX 1.7.10 Port - Performance boost, unsafe teleports completely allowed (you can teleport people into lava now if you want) (no more skylimit glitching), /back being unreliable fixed.
    - God Apples now uncraftable. Custom plugin coming soon that'll allow crafting for hoppers/god apples, but it'll be more costly. Ex: instead of 8 Gold Blocks and 1 Apple, it'll cost 16 Gold Blocks and 1 Apple.
    - Enderpearl cooldown changed to 16 seconds.
    - Land KoTH adjusted. More closed in.
    - KoTH now shows Faction name in chat and on Scoreboard.
    - Y255 is no longer seen as solid blocks -- /sethome working
    - /f enemy and other related Faction Commands work while tagged in combat.
    - Faction Truce limit adjusted to 1, Ally limit adjusted to 1; so 2 total.
    - Auction "SSROCK has bid on the" with no item after, fixed.
    - /rewards show voter crate for 5 votes
    - Mob Spawner rates slightly increased.
    - Jar optimization & performance boosts.
    Cactus growth speed increased.
    Sugar cane growth speed increased.
    /kit user - steak added, bread removed. 4 hour cooldown.
    Mob spawners slightly slowed.
    God Apple cooldown on Scoreboard now shows Inactive like the rest.
    Voter Crate added! Every 5 Votes you'll get a Voter Crate key, so 1 a day. Punch the crate to see the rewards.
    Custom God Apple cooldown plugin with Scoreboard support.
    Custom Sponge Lava plugin that removes Lava just like water, using a sponge.
    /sethome blocked in Warzone.
    Fixed mcMMO Alchemy
    [5/27/2020] Part 2
    Power loss disabled in WarZone.
    Maximum Allies = 1, Maximum Truce = 1.
    Hopper transfer speed increased.
    PVP Stat death tracking bug fixed.
    Mob spawners slightly slowed.
    Sand Stack limit per shot now 40.
    Cannoning optimization - major adjustments were made. Cannoning should be 100% perfect now (other than East/West, a fix is coming for that soon.)

    /sethome no longer works in neutral territory.
    Mob Spawner rates slightly lowered.
    Nether Border adjusted to 1,875 x 1,875. Having this @ 2,500 allowed anyone portaling past a certain point to portal into corner bases, because of the difference in overworld/nether blocks.
    Scoreboard added, use /sb to select from the default & koth scoreboard. /sbtoggle turns on/off the scoreboard. KoTH scoreboard will automatically appear when in range of a KoTH.

    WorldBorder exploits fixed.
    All containers can be opened anywhere now even if the Faction /f perm denies them.
    Lava Flow back to 1, genning works fine.
    /f warp teleport time set to 7.
    Enderpearls don't instantly kill you at times anymore.
    Breaking certain blocks such as player heads, redstone ore, is now fixed.
    Added /discord command.
    /vote now shows Voting Links.
    Mob Spawner rates slightly slowed.
    Water no longer turns to ice in Snow Biomes.
    /f top now updates much faster.
    /f tnt deposit | /f tnt withdraw | /f tnt fill - now working.
    /back now costs $1,000 each use for Users. This was intended as a Donor perk and it was a bug when it worked. We're not being greedy like most servers straight up disabling it for Users.
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