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  1. Kekarekt


    Jun 6, 2020
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    Username: Kekarekt

    Timezone: Pacific Standard Time

    Availability: 2 - 4h Daily (This is an average # can most definitely be longer).

    Application: Throughout the years I have played on countless servers; whether it be as a normal player or apart of a staff team. During my time on the servers the amount of experience I have gained is limitless. I understand how people work and that Minecraft is filled with edgelords, hackers, and overall imbeciles. My dedication and persistence will be key, providing quality work in making sure that players have an enjoyable experience. The server has been continuously bombarded by an assortment of trolls, hackers and overall filth. Bringing me onto the team will only bring benefits and I look forward to it.

    • Likeable, professional, common sense.
    • Owned communities, staffed on communities, and played the troll.
    • Skills not limited to Minecraft.
    I understand that there are times on the server that I may have been negative or been rude towards you. If that is so I apologize for all actions and will be held accountable. Thank you for reading, I appreciate all feedback.

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