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    We are running with an entirely new Factions format that has never been done before.
    This was months in the making and I hope you enjoy!

    » December 5th, 2:00 PM EST «
    » Click here for a countdown! «

    » «

    There is no way to buy value with real life currency on BattlePVP, period.
    Factions has long been whoever spends the most money on crates and pouches, wins the map.
    The only crates we have available are Voter, Event, and VoteParty, which are all earned in-game.
    To make for a completely level playing field, donor reclaim has also been removed.

    It is simply the best Faction wins.
    » LONGER MAP «

    We are running with an all new format.
    10 Days Grace Period and 10 Days Raiding.

    We will be using a single 25,000 x 25,000 world.
    Beautifully custom made and tailored for Factions gameplay.

    10 chunks from the border cannot be claimed.
    This adds an element of difficulty since you will be forced to defend from 4 sides.
    It also allows you to build your base anywhere within the map, as border bases will be pointless unless you put your last wall against the unclaimable section.
    » PVP Oriented Economy «

    Our economy this map is incredibly pvp oriented and is a main source of income.
    Majority of events reward the Event Crate which is packed with only high tier spawners, to make competing in events throughout the entirety of the map well worth it.

    24/7 Outpost
    Capture the Outpost in a special world for massive perks.
    You may only leave the Outpost world by using /leave, which has a 60 second warmup.
    Falling into the surrounding void will teleport you back into the Outpost.
    Silverfish Spawners are located around the Outpost and drop Nether Stars.
    1.2x Multiplier using /Sell and Collectors
    Spawner Speed and Mob Amount Boost
    2.0x EXP Multiplier

    King Of The Hill
    Capture the KOTH located directly on the North side of spawn.
    Now shows color coded particles, visual armor for the capper, and much more.
    REWARD: Event Key

    Destroy The Core
    Whoever damages the Obsidian Core the most up to 100 is rewarded.
    Your Faction will have to battle and defend while you break!
    REWARD: Event Key

    Last Man Standing

    Compete in a fight to the death in LMS!
    Everyone gets the same kit and it takes place in a special arena.
    Last player alive wins, nametags are not visible and teaming is not allowed.
    REWARD: Event Key

    Boss Battle
    Battle Frankenstein and his Minions in a high intensity fight.
    Travel to his floating sky arena by using teleporter pads located nearby.
    Whoever does the most damage to him gains the reward!
    REWARD: Event Key

    Present chests now spawn located under the Christmas Tree packed with loot!
    REWARD: Tier 1-3 Armor/Weapons/Tools

    Meteors crash down through WarZone impacting nearby players, with coordinates announced in advance.
    A Meteor Rock is left at the crash site, right click to grab it, and you may place it for a random cash reward!
    REWARD: Meteor Rock ($100,000-$1,000,000)

    Top 3 FTOP Faction Rewards
    $125 PayPal
    #2. $75 PayPal
    #3. $50 PayPal

    Player Limit
    - 10 members per Faction.
    Power - 300 per player / 3000 maximum power.
    Buffer Limit - 20 chunks.
    Shield - 12 hours.
    Allies - Disabled.

    Skeleton | $100,000
    Blaze | $500,000
    Creeper | $1,000,000
    Pigman | $1,500,000
    Villager | $3,000,000
    Silverfish | Only in the Outpost

    Sugarcane | starts at $1 per cane
    Bone | $220 per stack
    Blaze Rod | $1,280 per stack
    Gold Ingot | $2,060 per stack
    Emerald | $4,460 per stack
    Nether Star | $5,000 per stack

    We have upgraded to the Hyperion Server JAR.
    Absolutely flawless cannoning and smooth as butter PVP.

    Spawners can now be stacked up to 10.
    Placing a spawner in a chunk that already has an existing stack will add to it until you hit the cap.
    Right click a Spawner to open the Stacking GUI, which allows you to unstack or add to the stack.
    Spawners are now progressive in Faction Top, and take 5 days to build up to full value.
    Spawners cannot be mined after Grace Period, only placed.
    100% of a Spawner Stack will drop when exploded.

    Chest Size (Rows)
    - $1,000,000
    4 - $2,500,000
    6 - $5,000,000

    Increase Damage Given (in land)
    - $1,000,000
    3% - $2,500,000
    5% - $5,000,000

    Decrease Damage Taken (in land)
    - $1,000,000
    3% - $2,500,000
    5% - $5,000,000

    mcMMO Boost Rate (in land)
    - $1,000,000
    1.25x - $2,500,000
    1.50x - $5,000,000

    TNT Bank Size
    - $1,000,000
    1,000,000 - $2,500,000
    2,000,000 - $5,000,000

    Warp Limit
    - $1,000,000
    10 - $2,500,000
    14 - $5,000,000

    We have shifted towards a more pvp oriented mcmmo skill layout.
    Maximum Level for Each Skill - 1,000
    Acrobatics, Archery, Swords, Axes, and Fishing.
    Combat is much more balanced and fair, yet still worth leveling to max!


    With Tokens now being incorporated heavily, a shop has been added to spend them!
    Chunkbuster - 250,000
    Creeper Egg - 250,000

    Special Armor

    The only way to acquire Special Armor is from the Token Shop. Each piece provides an exclusive perk.
    Special Helmet (Infinite Fire Resistance I) - 250,000
    Special Chestplate (Infinite Strength II) - 250,000
    Special Leggings (Infinite Regeneration I) - 250,000
    Special Boots (Infinite Speed II) - 250,000
    PS: We will always be against "custom enchantments", these are very balanced and not game altering.


    All new tiering including Tokens, Spawners, and Cash.

    You now also receive a guaranteed 96 Tokens and $250 per catch.

    Our Anti-Cheat / Anti-Exploit has once again been massively improved.
    Improved detection that will alert staff immediately when there is someone hacking / exploiting.

    Player Reporting feature has been added.
    Use /report (player) (reason) to report players that are breaking the rules.
    This alerts staff members that are online and is also logged in a gui with time of report and more.

    Help Request feature has been added.

    Use /request (message) to request assistance from a staff member.
    This alerts staff members that are online and is also logged in a gui with time of request and more.

    Top of the line Anti-Phase and Anti-Freecam is now implemented.
    Phasing through blocks is now fully prevented, and freecam creeper egging does not work.


    All pricing has been adjusted.
    All kits have been buffed including potions.
    /f fly in wilderness has been added for Spartan.
    /roam has been added for Champion+.
    /ext has been added for Hero+.
    /potfill has been added for Spartan.
    /near has been increased to 500 blocks for Spartan.
    /recipe has been added for Supporter+.
    /ignore has been added for Supporter+.
    /ah max listings now tier from 2-10.
    Raider and Builder GKits have been added.
    Kit Miner has been converted to GKit Builder.
    Supporter+ have the ability to use enchantment tables without needing lapis.
    Infinite Water Buckets & Infinite Lava Buckets have been added.


    » Harvester Hoe is now included in Kit User.
    » Harvester Hoe has been completely rebalanced.
    » Faction Flight is available to everyone.
    » Creative printer mode has been added /printer.
    » Sugarcane now grows 2 height at a time instead of one.
    » You no longer need to be near a spawner for it to spawn mobs.
    » Light level and water no longer affect mob spawning.
    » Warzone includes plenty of new builds and buildings, and is Christmas themed.
    » Voting has been reworked. All new rewards including daily access to /kit voter.
    » Hover over a players name in chat to show an information tooltip, click to /f who.
    » Added Faction Bank /f money <Withdraw | Balance | Deposit> along with f perms for it.
    » Obsidian Destroyer massively improved, you may right click with a potato to check durability.
    » Redid all /f perms, removed the ability to change enemy / neutral permissions and added more options.
    » Lottery pot now includes $250,000 by default.
    » Everyone is enemy by default now, there is no neutral.
    » Bans have been wiped to give everyone a fresh start.
    » Certain mcMMO skills have been disabled.
    » Hunger was disabled.
    » Website has been revamped.
    » Discord has been revamped.
    » BuyCraft has been revamped.

    » /kit now opens a GUI, right click to preview a kit.
    » /gkit now opens a GUI, right click to preview a gkit.

    » /back no longer tps to foreign faction land.
    » Blazes now drop tokens when slain.
    » Looting enchantment now works for mob drops.
    » Blazes now give mcMMO XP from spawners.
    » If you log out in faction land other than your own, you will be automatically tped to spawn after 5 minutes of being offline.
    » If you somehow have a home in faction land other than your own, it will be automatically deleted.
    » /wild reworked - free to use, 10,000 maximum distance.
    » Invisibility potions are now disabled.
    » Armor durability logic has been improved.
    » Potion calculation has been improved.
    » Bow shot calculation has been improved.
    » Knockback has been adjusted for better PVP.
    » Server now automatically restarts every night at 11:50 PM EST.
    » You now receive a health alert in chat when you hit someone with a bow.
    » New death messages including what your enemies health was when you died.
    » New optimized genbuckets. Able to break the first block to cancel generation.
    » Spawners can only be placed in your Faction Territory.
    » New chunkbusters with a confirmation GUI and updated animation.
    » You may use "/f tnt add" to deposit however much you have vs a number.
    » Chickens and pigmen jockeys no longer spawn from spawners.
    » Friends List - add a friend to automatically accept incoming tpa requests (/friend)
    » /ah listings now last 24h each, and purchases expire 7 days after not being collected from "Expired".
    » Animals no longer naturally spawn throughout the world.
    » World automatically backs up and stores backups, incase anything happens a rollback would be seamless.
    » /events will open a GUI with countdowns until scheduled events, including the daily server restart.
    » /f inspect - Hooks into CoreProtect & allows you to see who placed or removed blocks in your land.
    » /rules now links to all our rules.
    » Fixed bug where creeper eggs couldn't be placed on spawners.
    » Redstone doesn't break from water by default now, no longer an f upgrade.
    » Chat Auctions have been removed, sticking with /ah for simplicity.
    » Mobs spawned from spawners are all at 1.0 health aka one punch.
    » Mob Spawners no longer get picked up by hoppers.
    » Spawners now take 5 days after being placed to achieve maximum Faction Top value.
    » Spawners cannot be mined after the 10 day grace period, only placed.
    » Spawners no longer burn by lava/fire/explosions.
    » /stats now has a "Mobs Killed" category.
    » /stats now displays the top 5 in each category.
    » Collectors now infinitely pick up mob drops / ores and stores for selling. Right click the type of drop in the GUI to sell, or right click TNT in the GUI to instantly deposit it into your TNT Bank.
    » New /f top, now also displays 24h change in value and is much smoother.
    » Added /roam - serverside freecam, for champion+.
    » Added /request <message> - request support from a staff member.
    » Added /slots - slot machine, roll for a daily money reward between $10,000 and $1,000,000, available after 60m of playtime.
    » TNT no longer for sale in /shop. Only way to acquire is from Creeper Spawners.
    » Faction Members no longer get kicked for being inactive.
    » Media rank has been added. Visit the "Media Applications" forum for more information.
    » Bundle is now given for boosting our Discord, more information in #info on Discord.
    » Action Bar now shows cane hit amount, money gained, and time farmed.
    » The only item ClearLagg doesn't remove off the ground is spawners.
    » Plenty of backend optimization changes, commands/chat is instant now.
    » Remade /help adding all the new commands.
    » /fps is now available for everyone.
    » Added /list - lists player count.
    » /fps has been improved.
    » /warp now opens a GUI.
    » /home now opens a GUI.
    » /chatcolor now opens a GUI.
    » /redeem now opens a GUI.
    » And thousands upon thousands.. upon thousands, of other changes. No way I can remember them all :p

    Our rules have been completely rewritten.

    Please read the updated rules here.


    Please post any and all questions you guys have on this post and via Discord!

    Thank you for playing on BattlePVP <3

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