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    BattlePVP Forum Rules
    These are the forum rules and are subject to change at any time.
    1. Discrimination, Threats, Harassment, Offensive Content
    → Warning → 3 Day Ban

    - Discrimination of any type: racism, sexism, etc.
    - Threats & Harassment.
    - Excessively rude or inappropriate language / ideas.

    2. DDOS / Dox / Swat / Death Threats

    → Permanent Ban

    We have a zero tolerance policy on this, if you are seen threatening or leaking other players IRL information that they DO NOT want public as per their request you will be blacklisted from the server. This also applies for DDOS and Swat threats, if you are seen making these you will be banned, this also includes getting someone to do this for you. You cannot ddos, dox or swat. Do not threaten people with their lives either.

    3. Sending or Linking any Harmful Content or Direct Advertisement
    → Permanent Ban

    - Links to malicious malware, viruses, IP grabbers, adult websites, and or phishing.
    - Links to other discord servers.
    - Links to other Minecraft servers.
    - Unrelated advertisement.

    4. Mentioning Other Servers or Light Advertisement
    → Warning / Removal of Message → Kick → 7 Day Ban

    Mentioning other servers in anything more than passing & advertising of unrelated products or servers.

    5. Staff and Player Disrespect
    Warning 3 Day Ban

    Being rude to another person for any reason - this includes rudeness directed towards staff based on their decision to give a punishment in-game or on discord. Remember you can always create a ticket in the discord if you think a staff member has been unfair towards you, and you can appeal punishments.

    6. Spam & Spam Tagging
    Warning Kick 7 Day Ban Permanent Ban

    - Spamming any type of message, character, special symbols falls under this rule.
    - Flood (character spam) of song lyrics, symbols, letters, etc is considered as 15+ lines.
    - Spam tagging (@user) is never allowed in any forum. This is classified as one user tagging another user 5+ times in 5 or less minutes.

    7. Rating Spam
    Warning / Removal of Ratings 3 Day Ban

    Ratings should be used for appropriate content, not to spam hundreds of likes onto a players profile posts or give an excessive number of negative ratings to someone.


    (a) For any ban, it is the responsibility of the staff member to unban you after the correct amount of time. That being said if you are not unbanned within the correct time frame, please create a ticket in the discord.

    (b) You may create an alternate account solely for the purpose of appealing a ban on your main account.

    If you think a punishment is unfair or you believe that you've learned your lesson ahead of time, please feel free to fill out an appeal here. You may put your Discord tag instead of Minecraft username.
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