BattlePVP's Day 1 Changelog

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    /wild: Teleports you to a random Wilderness location under 2,000 x/z. 1 hour cooldown, more-so for new players.
    Lava Flow speed adjusted from 1->20: We want it to be faster than normal as it's a great midway point of normal genning, and gen-buckets. Unfortunately we had it too fast, and it was messing up gens.

    Natural Mob Spawning disabled temporarily: Spawners still work of course, we're doing this until our Faction Plugin is adjusted (few days). When it's adjusted, mobs will not spawn in Faction Territory, but will be normal throughout the world.

    Updated prevention for Spambots: Chat cannot be sent in the main /spawn water area, works anywhere else. We have a smart system in place now that monitors for Spambots joining the server, and will require Captchas when it senses an attack is coming. We also have a custom plugin coming that will have players be invisible in the /spawn water area, this will help performance a lot. Global Chat disable is now usable by Staff.
    Minor Updates
    Added /discord command.
    /vote now shows Voting Links.
    Mob Spawner rates slightly slowed.
    Water no longer turns to ice in Snow Biomes.
    /f top now updates much faster.
    /f tnt deposit | /f tnt withdraw | /f tnt fill - now working.
    /back now costs $1,000 each use for Users. This was intended as a Donor perk and it was a bug when it worked. We're not being greedy like most servers straight up disabling it for Users.​

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