BattlePVP 1.8 Conversion

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    The BattlePVP 1.8 Conversion is underway
    So you may have been wondering -- why is BattlePVP using a 1.7.10 core over 1.8? The reasoning was PVP. The orgasmic hit detection, crazy comboing, natural block hitting, and overall an insanely smooth experience. 1.7.10 was an incredible version all around.

    But then came 1.8. 1.8 had the capabilities of 1.7, only improved ten fold. So many new features/plugin additions are on version 1.8, it had been an extreme challenge for us to maintain 1.7. Many custom plugins had to be made, things breaking regularly, just all around a pain in the ass.

    We wanted to give you guys the absolute best experience, so we went with 1.7 for the PVP. Learning later on that there are ways to 1:1 mimic 1.7 combat on 1.8 servers. Same hit detection, same everything. If we stay on 1.7, we will be hindering your experience, simple as that.

    Everything is being converted and we're having a custom developed jar that will have perfect cannoning, perfect pvp, perfect everything. This will be a 500x improvement from what we're on now.

    Future of the Server
    Nothing will change with the future of the server. Same premise, same setup, same f-top, same everything, only we'll be capable of SO much more. No map reset is happening for the conversion, at worst like 4h downtime. This migration will be done as soon as possible, we may not have certain addon features like Lottery, but they'll also be added very quick. We'll move fast with this.

    Ads - Advertisements are coming. Having a stable server is our absolute main priority right now. No point in ads if players join our Faction server and can't cannon consistently. Spending a couple grand on ads, bare with the small playerbase for a little longer. Big things are coming. Soon.

    Thanks for playing on Battle and i'm excited for the future with you all!

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