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  1. Troy33333 Active Member

    Hello players and staff of BattlePVP, I would like to make a suggestion about voting rewards. As I grow more rich and wealthy it seems voting just isn't worth it. I mean like two diamonds some money and a little EXP per vote? I can earn that within seconds of using my op monster grinder. Some of the rankles players may disagree with me and think voting it totally worth it. Maybe you Brian could somehow make it so that the higher the donor rank the better items/currency per vote? Not only will this increase the number of votes but it will also increase the number of donor ranks bought overall helping the server allot.

    Thank you for reading my suggestion.
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  2. [Not]Topobject10 Well-Known Member

    By voting you are helping the server grow on the server lists, the "rewards" are just a thanks. It doesn't need a buff.
  3. Gotpower1 Member

    So the rich will just get richer?
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  4. thr3es6xf5ve Active Member

    2k is alot for someone just starting out, and allot for casuals, which is the intended audience.
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  5. zuarik

    Yeah I think voting should stay the same. It's just there to help the server grow.
  6. Troy33333 Active Member

    Ok, Just wanted all your guys opinion. Close this thread.
  7. InYoBaseBro
    Server Owner

    There will be something new with voting ;). Will be up in 23 hours.
  8. Troy33333 Active Member

    ^ Ok Brian :)

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