ghijklmnop ban appeal (urgent! please help me out)

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by austyn, May 12, 2013.

  1. austyn New Member

    Username: ghijklmnop
    Why you where banned: sprint/forcefield hacking
    Reason why you should be unbanned: i do not not lie so i shall say i have hacked in these ways before. but only on the kit server. not on the server (due to me being a 40 dollar donater) but i got banned from both servers for forcefield and sprint hacks when i DO NOT hack on the play server. i believe that i should be banned on the kit server for thats where the hacking took place but not the play server as i do not hack on this server. and i shall say that i am sorry to inyobasebro and all the other players/members of the kit server for being disrespectful and not obliging to the no hacks rules. i am sencerly sorry for all the harm i have done un to you. please unban me. i will not hack on any other your servers again. i am sorry.
    Ban profile :
  2. thr3es6xf5ve Active Member

    If you hack on one server, what's stopping you from hacking on the other one?
  3. austyn New Member

    being a donater and losing money. im only 16 years of age so money is an issue to me. paying money to a server and hacking on on that same increases my chances of being banned, which is the last thing that i want. i do not hack on the play server for that reason of paying money. i will not hack on the kit server or any other. im being completely honest here to show that people do make mistakes and people do regret them, and as of right now i am one of those people.

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