Fuck_YOU Gliching BuyCraft for ranks!! (Upgrade Glitch)

Discussion in 'Ban Reports' started by toast901, Jul 25, 2013.


What to do?

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  1. toast901 Active Player

    Player's IGN: Fuck_YOU

    Reason: Getting Free Ranks

    So this person bought donor, then he went straight to a upgrade from God -> Champion, so he didnt even pay the full price, then we got Champion -> Spartan! PLEASE DEMOTE HIM!!!

    Proof: Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 11.52.26 PM.png
    You see he bought donor then went straight to God -> Champion

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  2. jibby60 Active Member

    +1 ben ben
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  3. maxmang007 Member

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  4. srn Member

    +1 ban
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  5. Nightstalker1005 Well-Known Member

    He deserves the hammer.
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  6. zuarik

    This isn't an actual account. Ever heard of Dubstep_Dolphin? He was recently banned for using an unknown credit card or something on buycraft. He bought like 5 players an insane amount of ranks. This is his reaction, this account is not associated with battlepvp in anyway.
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  7. toast901 Active Player

    Lol ban him Anyways! xD
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  8. DeeDubble Active Member

    Were all the players demoted to their old ranks?
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  9. toast901 Active Player

    What do you mean by "unknown credit card" can he like buy stuff with it and it won't charge him anything?
  10. toast901 Active Player

    Dude I hope so... :/
  11. zuarik

    Think about it, a guy spending over $1500 in less than an hour? Stolen credit card? Or maybe he took his momma's card. xD
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  12. toast901 Active Player

    So the kid who stole the credit card main account "dolphin" is banned?
  13. zuarik

  14. Skynet329 New Member

  15. Ghostx259 Member

    +1 ban dis fgt
  16. Awesome Member

    +1 for guh ban
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