Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by mads_red_beard, May 23, 2013.

  1. mads_red_beard New Member

    Im buggin in a lilli pet or something, dont know hot to spell! i got tpaed in then i got kicked for something or idk, and now i cant join becuse im buggin in the lilli pet! plz help me!
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  2. mads_red_beard New Member

    nvm i got help!
  3. xXProtoSlash Active Member

    Wtf did I just read there? lol mind paraphrasing it again? I understood nothing from that
  4. zuarik

    He was glitched in a lily pad.
  5. Boobys99

    Ikr lilli pet's can be dungeroos jk
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  6. xXProtoSlash Active Member

    Sooooo danegroos lol
  7. MC_Hewey Member

    #1 Rule; When Tp'ing to help your fuckhead noob friends in Pvp at the boats, tell the to get the FUCK OFF THE LILLY PADS. 99% of the time you will glitch inside. Be weary fellow travellers.

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