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  1. TacoMonkey97 New Member

    My First day actually pvping :3
    Me and my friend used Kit spring to get some prot II from noobs.
    And you can see in the vid what we did with it :D
    Hit like if you can, it would be nice ^.^
  2. BananaSyrup New Member

    I am impressed taco. Good job, subbed.
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  3. mooneyman9696 Member

    I love this. The way you viciously go after people makes for easy kills.
    PS the wide view hurts my brain.
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  4. TacoMonkey97 New Member

    Lol, show no fear in the warzone.
    (Unless its hackers) :3
  5. TacoMonkey97 New Member

    Thx :D
  6. ChongaGringo Member

    Wow, nice ill look out for you :) subbed
  7. Mr_pewee
    Server Owner

    Good fight,
  8. SSROCK101 Well-Known Member

    Nice job, know what I don't likes about you? After you fight instead of saying gg. You say haha pussy or something like that. Your not a good sport about anything, disliked all your vids.
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  9. TacoMonkey97 New Member

    Lol kid i only said that to You because you pvped me 3 times, 2 you ran away and then talked shit. Then asked me for a 1v1 and you got your friend to 2v1 me. And u guys lost. Your the only one who i called a pussy. The other guy called me a hacker and i ignored it. -_- Ill say GG when u admit you lost, instead of saying you "whatever i get one of those sets everyday".
  10. Swanton666 Member

    You're obviously the sore loser making this comment c:
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  11. TacoMonkey97 New Member

    I did you a favor. I cut out the part where u tried to 2v1 me after you asked for a 1v1. I out in the part when i got my friend incase you pulled some bs like that -_-. Your welcome, could have made you look like the biggest noob. :l
  12. SovietWarPig Member

    You're always on the same server as me... :p
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  13. TacoMonkey97 New Member

    O_O. Did you play gontroller too?
    I didn't know you played here :l
  14. SovietWarPig Member

    I did for a week lol
  15. Troy33333 Active Member

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  16. TacoMonkey97 New Member

  17. Swanton666 Member

    1v1 him bruh
  18. RandallSee Active Member

    Neut would beat taco in a 1v1 hands down.
  19. ii_Magicul Member

    So many players I know playing here now.
  20. Swanton666 Member

    Idk they're both really good :p

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